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Meet our Queen Team

Tawonna Jackson

Fashionista, grandmother, football fanatic and CFO of Positive Queens.

Tawonna joined Positive Queens in 2015 and is a mother to her sons and the proud grandmother to Aubri Dior. She enjoys reading, sightseeing and shopping.  Fashion is her passion. Tawonna likes to think of herself as kind-hearted and light-spirited, and tries to always lend an ear or words of comfort. She loves football, which she secretly thinks she can play. "I'm sure I can't but in my heart, I CAN." Her goal is to add A Sprinkle of Shuga to everything she does. 

Cherice Lide

Social worker, mother, advocate and COO of Positive Queens.

Nikki was welcomed into Positive Queens over four years ago and has participated with various outreach, special events, and retreats. Positive Queens has provided her with "a safe haven to conquer my fear, build my self-esteem and use my gifts." Nikki is a mother to two beautiful children, a New State employee for 28 years, and looking forward to retirement! She earned her Bachelor’s in Community Health and Human Resources, Master’s in Social Work and currently pursuing her licensure before hopefully a PhD.

Orlena Santana

Caregiver, manager, publisher, and Positive Queen.

Orlena is from Washington Heights, also known as Uptown New York. She is a professional Dominican Woman and wears many hats working with the #1 Hospital New York Presbyterian in the Finance Department. She is also the Manager to Hip Hop artist Rest100 and runs the publishing company WaveRunnaz Publishing. She recently joined forces with the beautiful group of women Positive Queens as their promoter. Orlena has battled depression and health issues with Lupus, all while a caregiver to her mother who battles Dementia. When she came across Positive Queens, she found a sisterhood. 

She wants to impart an inspirational message that women can transform themselves and find a spark to go after their dreams and live an amazing life doing what they love. All of which is possible in a safe space likePositive Queens with our Crown on!

Cheryl Smith

PhD hopeful, mother, traveler and Positive Queen.

Cheryl is a proud member of Positive Queens and the mother of a handsome son and puppy baby Baleigh. She works for the NYC Human Administration. Presently, she is in the process of obtaining my PhD in Human and Social Sciences. She loves to travel and experience new things (like food). She also likes trying out different recipes from cooking shows. She is a big supporter of sisterhood.

Sonia Blu

Registered nurse, New Yorker, family-oriented and Positive Queen.

Sonia is a four-year member of Positive Queens and a Registered Nurse from Long Island, NY. She enjoys crocheting and spending time with her family. She is passionate about this group because she enjoys helping and encouraging others. 

Alison Martin

Videographer, writer, web designer and CMO of Positive Queens.

Alison is a recent graduate of Northwestern University. She moved to Los Angeles and joined the Positive Queen's team in 2020 after meeting Veleda through a performance group. She is passionate about increasing Positive Queen's reach to women everywhere, and creating an impactful online presence for the community. In her free time, she enjoys writing her own sketch comedies, photography and videography.


Tawonna Jackson


Cherice "Nikki" Lide


Orlena Santana


Cheryl Smith


Sonia Blu


Alison Martin

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