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Veleda Spellman

Meet our fearless leader.


Positive Queens was founded in 2014 by Veleda Spellman. She built this group with a little over 200 woman and it has now escalated to over 100,000 woman globally. Miss Spellman had  suffered a tumultuous time in her life and wanted to commit suicide. It was because of this near fatality that she started Positive Queens. Miss Spellman wanted to create a space where women can come to and get Positivity, spiritual enlightenment, encouragement & coaching to cope with daily living. Positive Queens has become a melting pot of women from all ethnic backgrounds coming to seek positivity and sisterhood. In her free time Miss Spellman loves to inspire, encourage and empower others through her words and deeds. She credits every aspect of her being to God and her parents William and Margaret Spellman. Miss Spellman is a devout Christian and mother of three sons: Justin, Steven & Marcus. She is also grandmother to Avianna, the apple of her eye. Miss Spellman loves coaching, acting, comedy and being the CEO of Positive Queens. Her motto is “When one Queen is down you lift her up."

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